NDL Now Offers In-House Electric Printing

30 Jan / 2017

Looking to brand your kegs with your brewery’s logo? NDL now offers electric printing out of our Michigan facility, allowing us to imprint sleek, electrically-etched logos on all kegs and casks.

Electric printing, also referred to as electro-etching, uses a direct electric current, photosensitive stencil and electrolyte solution to electro-chemically etch a design into metal. While we have always offered electric printing and full customization options for factory direct orders, the in-house electric printing machine allows us to customize smaller-scale orders for our U.S. customers with a much shorter lead time.


Electric printing is a great option for breweries looking to brand their kegs with a logo, though the etching can only produce a black mark, so the process works best for logos or designs that convert well to black and white. At NDL, we etch two logos just below the top chime of the keg - one on each side.

The logos are 3.5” tall and the width can vary depending on the design and dimensions of the logo. Electro-etching is permanent, so brewers need not worry about their logos fading or being removed from the kegs or casks.

For larger, factory direct orders, NDL Keg also offers embossing, silk-screening and color-striping along with electric printing to brand your kegs with your brewery’s name or a design. We expect to have in-house embossing capabilities out of our Michigan facility in the next few months.midland-electric-printing-stencil-keg-customization

Interested in Customizing Your Kegs With Electric Printing?

For electric printing through NDL, there is a $40 one-time setup fee to prepare the company logo and order the stencil. After the setup, the cost is $2 per keg, which includes two etchings on the keg or cask.

If you’re curious whether your brewery’s logo would work well with electric printing, contact us on our website or give us a call at 248-850-8275. We’d be happy to discuss your customization options and provide kegs that are sleek, branded and immediately recognizable.

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