The NDL Keg Advantage - No Minimum Orders - 10-Year Warranty!

At NDL Keg, we are committed to meeting your keg and cask needs. We offer standard-size U.S. kegs (1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 bbl), Euro/DIN-size kegs (20L, 30L and 50L), casks (4.5, 9 and 18 gallon), and custom-size kegs from 1-100L. years of experience distributing the best stainless steel containers to transport and protect your beverage.

All kegs & casks include a Limited Warranty effective for 10 years from the time of purchase. This warranty covers containers that do not comply with provided specifications, improper corrosion resistance, and improper welding of the container. Regular wear and tear, misuse, and improper handling are not covered.

Our global warehouses are strategically located throughout the globe allowing us to respond quickly when filling your orders and meeting your beverage container needs. For more information, click here for contact information by region.