Most brewers likely know how many servings come in a half-barrel keg, but we’ve prepared a keg size guide so you’ll know exactly how many servings are in each standard-sized U.S. keg.

Between half-barrel kegs, quarter-barrel kegs and sixth-barrel kegs, we’re breaking down the number of 12-ounce servings you can expect from each standard size keg. For breweries and restaurants that serve by the pint, we’ve also listed the number of 16-ounce pints each keg size can contain.

Half-Barrel Keg Size (1/2 bbl)


The half-barrel keg is the most common type of keg in the U.S. When you think about your average keg as seen in the movies or on TV, you can bet that it’s most likely of the half-barrel variety. Despite the name, half-barrel kegs are considered to be full-sized containers in the U.S. industry, and measure in at 15.5 gallons in volume capacity.

Half-Barrel Keg Volume & Measurements:

15.5 Gallons = 58.67 Liters

58.67 Liters = 1,984 Ounces

12 oz. Pours: 165

16 oz. Pours (Pints): 124

Diameter: 15.55″ (39.5 cm)

Height: 23.62″ (60 cm)


Quarter-Barrel Keg Size (1/4 bbl)



One step below the half-barrel is a quarter-barrel keg, which is a thinner container that holds half the volume of a half-barrel keg. Often purchased to save space in taprooms or for smaller-batch brews, the quarter-barrel keg offers 82 (and a half) 12-ounce pours or 62 16-ounce, pint-size pours.

Quarter-Barrel Keg Volume & Measurements:

7.75 Gallons = 29.34 Liters

29.34 Liters = 992 Ounces

12 oz. Pours: 82

16 oz. Pours (Pints): 62

Diameter: 11.18″ (28.4 cm)

Height: 23.62″ (60 cm)


Sixth-Barrel Keg Size (1/6 bbl)



The sixth-barrel keg is the thinnest keg of all of the standard sizes and totals to 5.16 U.S. gallons (19.53 liters) in volume. Like the quarter-barrel, sixth-barrel kegs are often used for small-batch or limited edition brews or for taprooms that need to conserve horizontal space. Sixth-barrel kegs can contain a total of roughly 660 ounces: the equivalent of 55 12-ounce pours or 41 16-ounce pours.


Sixth-Barrel Keg Volume & Measurements:

5.16 Gallons = 19.53 Liters

19.53 Liters = 660 Ounces

12 oz. Pours: 55

16 oz. Pours (Pints): 41

Diameter: 8.98″ (22.8 cm)

Height: 23.62″ (60 cm)

To recap:

By standard U.S. keg size measurements, 1/2 bbl kegs total to 15.5 gallons or 165 12 oz. pours, 1/4 bbl kegs total to 7.75 gallons or 82 12 oz. pours, and 1/6 bbl kegs total to 5.16 gallons or 55 12 oz. pours.

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